5 Steps to Communicating Your Haircut Vision to Your Stylist

When it comes to getting a haircut, it’s important to communicate your desired style clearly to your stylist. But it can be intimidating to try and describe a specific haircut, especially if you’re not sure of the technical terms or don’t have a photo to show as reference.

Don’t worry – there are ways to effectively convey your vision to your stylist and increase the chances of getting the haircut you actually want. Here are five steps to follow:

Gather inspiration.
Before your appointment, take some time to think about the look you want to achieve. Look through hairstyle magazines, Pinterest boards, or Instagram feeds for ideas. Pay attention to the specific details, such as the length, layering, and texture of the hair.

If you find a photo that closely resembles the haircut you want, print it out or show it to your stylist on your phone. This can be a helpful starting point for the conversation.

Know the technical terms.
Learning some basic hair terminology will help you communicate your desired style more accurately. Here are a few terms to know:

Length: This refers to the overall length of the hair, from the top of the head to the ends. You can ask for a specific length in inches or centimeters, or describe it in terms of the hair’s location on the body (e.g. “chin-length,” “collarbone-length,” etc.).

Layering: Layering refers to the way the hair is cut to create volume, movement, and dimension. You can ask for “face-framing layers” to soften the face, or “graduated layers” to add volume at the crown of the head.

Texture: Texture refers to the natural wave or curl pattern of the hair, as well as the thickness or thinness of the strands. You can ask for a haircut that enhances your natural texture, or one that tames it.

Be specific about the details.
When describing your desired haircut, the more specific you can be, the better. In addition to the length and layering, consider the following details:

Parting: Do you want a center part, a side part, or no part at all?

Bangs: Do you want full bangs, side-swept bangs, or no bangs at all?

Face shape: Your stylist will take your face shape into account when recommending a haircut. Be sure to let them know if you have a round face, square face, oval face, etc.

Trust your stylist’s expertise.
While it’s important to communicate your vision clearly, it’s also important to trust your stylist’s expertise. They are trained professionals who know how to create the best haircut for your hair type, face shape, and personal style.

If you’re not sure how to achieve a certain look, or if you’re open to suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask for their input. They may have some ideas that you haven’t considered.

Follow up with maintenance.
To keep your haircut looking its best, it’s important to follow a regular maintenance routine. Ask your stylist for recommendations on products to use, as well as styling techniques to keep your hair looking healthy and styled the way you want.

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