+5 tips for the best shave without cuts

One of the most common things men suffer from is shaving the face. Many men may be exposed to severe injuries, as well as severe sensitivity after each shave. Here are these practical tips for an easier shave.

First choose the machine:

Gillette is one of the most comfortable razors. There are many types of Gillette razors. There is a machine with two blades, which some consider comfortable and wet, and also more secure, while there is a machine with five modern blades, with strong pulses that facilitate the shaving process. And always look for the Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor, which is another razor belonging to a German company with the same idea as Gillette machines, and its price is $ 35

Second: the blades

There are many good and suitable blades for the aforementioned razor, and there are some distinguished companies in the production of these blades, such as the German company Merkur, the Turkish company Derby, and the Japanese company Feather. A box of 8 blades costs $40

Third: shaving brushes

Most men do not use a shaving brush when applying cream to the face with their hands, which is a mistake because it is impossible for the hands to produce the same lather as the shaving brush, which stirs the shaving cream on your face well. There are a few types of good hairbrushes that depend on the quality of the hair they are made of.

There are great ones like Badger, Boar, and Synthetic. Badger leads the way, followed by Boar, and there are others such as Vulfix, Savile Row, and Shavemac.

Fourth: shaving creams

Always look for shaving cream that contains glycerin, for good hydration, and stay away from shaving creams that contain alcohol, which may close the pores in your skin.

Fifth: after shave

It is necessary to use a moisturizer immediately after shaving, so that it moisturizes dry skin and renews it after each time you shave. There are ideal types that can be used, such as: Or at least wash your face with hot water for 30 seconds, as this opens up the pores and increases skin hydration for a smoother, easier shave.

Finally, here are some tips from several reliable medical sources to avoid skin irritation and inflammation:

1- Moisturizing the skin before that opens the pores and reduces the force required to press the razor or hair removal tool with hot water for several minutes or use a hot towel in order to open the pores and moisturize the skin and hair.

2- Use a moisturizing shaving foam that is free of alcohol or menthol, and it is preferable to add a few drops of glycerin to the foam.

3- Cover the area with a thick layer of foam in a circular motion using a shaving brush in order to remove the hair from it and make it easier to shave without hurting your skin.

4- Use a sharp, clean blade of good and known quality, and shave in the direction of hair growth, not the other way around. Shaving in reverse from the first time removes a layer of your skin, so if it is necessary, then let it be after shaving in the direction of hair growth more than once, and then shave against the direction of hair growth. Instead of foam between each two.

5- Make sure to make your skin taut to a moderate degree during shaving in order to reduce the chances of cuts.

6- Finally, rinse with cold water to shrink the pores.

7- Moisturizing the skin after shaving is necessary to prevent dryness and pimples, and if the skin is exposed to a lot of inflammation and pimples after shaving, it is useful to apply an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic medical cream once or twice after shaving, such as: Fucicort – Kenacomb – Panderm – Fusiderm – Fucid – and others.


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