avast antitrack premium review

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avast antitrack premium review

Just as your fingerprint indicates your presence in a place, so also your internet habits, along with the settings of your device and browser, your unique digital fingerprint, into your online presence directory, allowing advertisers to recognize you from a large group of visitors, or to send messages that are not Desirable by using targeted ads, or even using price discrimination to display discounted prices for everything from plane tickets to healthcare or insurance plans. 

You don’t need to be a tech geek to protect your privacy. You can only do with: Avast AntiTrack

What is Avast AntiTrack premium ?

Avast AntiTrack is a tool that stops the many different types of trackers that exist on the Internet to enhance your online anonymity.

There are many different types of online tracking operations: For example, when advertisers use browser cookies to track users’ activities across websites, this is known as ad tracking. Websites and advertisers can also track your online behavior, so they can create your own profile that contains a lot of information about you and your daily online habits. This is known as a digital footprint.

Avast AntiTrack stops such hostile forms of online tracking by masking your “digital footprint,” or through distinct details that advertisers use to identify you. It also finds and removes tracking cookies, so the tool stops anyone from following your internet searches.

Prevent aggressive online tracking

Prevent aggressive online tracking

Most websites collect a lot of information about you to create a unique online profile that advertisers can easily identify with. Our anti-tracking software warns you when snoopers try to track you and blocks them.

Your family can see this …
Did you search your symptoms on the Internet? Which you don’t want anyone to know, now your wife / husband or even your children knows about them too. Your previous searches and visited websites may appear again in your browser at very inappropriate times, and embarrassing ads for products you have previously purchased or just searched for can appear for your whole family to see and this will be embarrassing for you.

What do data collectors do?
The more you browse, the more risk you put your data and information on. Your bank, healthcare provider, and even your favorite online store all use data collection to collect and store a massive amount of data about you. All it takes is a single file data breach to lose everything. You never know who can get your digital profile, or what they will do with it.

Take back your privacy
Your browser has a lot of information about you that makes him know you better than your mother, your wife, your boss, and even your doctor. It shows everything to advertisers, data seekers, or anyone using your computer.

Maintain the privacy of your operating system
Prevent any third party from seeing, tracking, and collecting information about your Windows® 10 computer.

Stops targeted ads
When you shop online, we hide your purchases so that you don’t see the ads themselves.

Know when you’re being tracked
When advertisers track your online activities, we automatically detect them and prevent them from doing so.

Preserve the privacy of your true identity
When you browse, we work to mask your online behavior so that no one can recognize you.

The reason behind the incognito mode, VPNs and ad-blocking software, is not sufficient to provide protection from trackers
In addition to anti-tracking apps, ad blockers, a VPN, and an incognito mode are all in the big online privacy puzzle. But when used automatically, it does not block ads. Here’s why.

VPNs don’t block tracking

The VPN feature will encrypt your connection, protect you on public Wi-Fi, and hide your location, but advertisers and data collectors can track and identify you based on your device and browser settings.

Hacked ad blocking software websites
Similar to doctors who treat your symptoms, not the cause of your illness, ad blockers hide targeted ads, but do not eliminate intruders.

This is in contrast to anti-tracking programs, and ad-blocking programs that affect the appearance of websites and work, and also need to be updated to keep up with the constant wave of new ads.

Incognito mode does not provide incognito browsing
If your wife is thinking about knowing what she’s doing online and keeping you up at night, this is a great solution for that.

The Incognito mode prevents cookies, visited websites, and auto-complete for fields from being saved but the IP address is still visible and the ISP can record your visits, so it is not completely anonymous.

Take a look inside

See how our anti-tracking software is keeping advertisers and privacy invaders away from your information.

Secure your favorite browser
Use it on your favorite browser — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Hide your browsing history
Automatically clear your history, cookies, and other browser data.

Browse without disruptions
Stay private without breaking webpages or triggering annoying warnings.

Disguise your online profile
Mask your digital fingerprint to prevent advertisers from knowing who you are.

Check your privacy status
Get an overview of your privacy status and the tracking attempts we’ve prevented.

Stop online tracking
Instantly block tracking attempts and expose who’s trying to gather information on you.

System requirements
We’re not demanding. All you need is a PC with Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista; 512 MB RAM; and 100 MB free disk space. An Internet connection is also required for automatic security updates.

Supported browsers: Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

We’re not demanding. All you need is a Mac running macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later with at least 500 MB free disk space. An Internet connection is also required for automatic security updates.

Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.