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Golden tips for mustache care

The mustache is a symbol of masculinity, and it is currently witnessing a strong return to the world of beauty, which requires good care to maintain its splendor.

On how to properly care for the mustache, German hairdresser Dirk Schlubach explained that the mustache should be washed daily to rid it of any impurities with a shampoo intended for beard care. As its content of moisturizing substances is higher than that of regular hair shampoo, which gives the beard and mustache a softer feel.

And for more hydration, the mustache can be cared for with beard oil, which gives the mustache a softer feel.

When trimming the mustache, Schlubach stressed the need to cut the hair in the direction of its growth, in order to avoid irritation of the skin underneath, taking into account that the blade is sharp and not furrowed.

It is also important to comb the mustache every day, with the possibility of styling the twisted ends with beard wax or beard oil.

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