Many men, especially those with sensitive skin, are exposed to dermatitis, pimples, and wounds, as a result of the wrong habits of chin shaving, which makes men suffer every time they decide to get rid of unwanted chin hair.

There are 6 essential steps to avoid skin irritation and pimples after shaving.

1- Preparing the skin

Wash your face with warm water or put a warm, wet towel on it before shaving, to moisturize your skin and prepare it for shaving, as hot water opens the pores of the face, which reduces the chances of skin irritation.

2- Exfoliating the skin

You may think that it is a waste of time, but it is an important and indispensable stage, when exfoliating the skin before shaving, it helps to get rid of dead skin, and thus helps to shave closer to the roots, and it also prevents ingrown hairs (which cause razor bumps).

3- Shaving cream

Be sure to use shaving cream, and completely avoid shaving your chin with water only. The cream helps to reduce the pressure of the blades on the skin, and it also facilitates the shaving process. If you are going to shave your chin twice, be sure to use the cream with each time.

Shaving cream should also be suitable for your skin type, if you have sensitive or oily skin.

4- The new blades

Make sure to always replace your razor blades. Cold blades irritate and cut your skin because they glide harder than new, sharp blades.

5- Shaving brush

Many men may have stopped using it, especially after the shaving foam spread, but in fact, the shaving brush penetrates the shaving cream to all hairs, ensuring a cleaner and smoother shave.

6- Moisturizing after shaving

Some people may overlook this important step, if the skin must be moisturized with a moisturizing cream or “cologne”, to ensure that it does not dry out and become infected with repeated shaving times.

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